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IMS laminates “CobriTHERM"

  • Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS), based on thick aluminum and ED copper foil (35µm)
  • High thermal conductivity, dielectric strength and thermal endurance by polymer-ceramic insulation (110-130µm)
  • Applications: Lamps (Power LED), power stages, power supply

PCB Laminates (Epoxy) FR4

  • PCB Laminate 1,5mm, fiber glas reinforcement with epoxy, free of halogen
  • Single side or double side laminate, copper foil 35µm
  • Choosable types: copper foil surface or fotosensitive coated copper foil

PCB Laminates FR2

  • Base material, 1,5mm, paper laminate, phenolic resin
  • High dielectric strength, easy to machine
  • Choosable: copper foil surface, or fotosensitive copper foil

Laminated Paper

  • Laminated paper 1,5mm or 2,0mm, phenolic resin
  • High dielectrical strength
  • Customized dimensions available

Metal foils

  • Nickel silver foil, available thickness 0,1mm ... 0,5mm
  • Brass foil, available thickness 0,1mm ... 0,8mm
  • Choosable: Metal surface or fotosensitive coated metal

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